The Stronger We are as Individuals, The Better We are as a Collective

The better the state is established, the fainter is humanity.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche

We live in a society that has programmed us to live in fear. We’re led to believe there’s something to be afraid of on every corner, fear just lurking – waiting to take something away from us.

Unfortunately, it seems like there’s a growing divide among the people. The negative messaging we’re bombarded with is making people more afraid of one another. It’s been this way for a while though. We’ve been afraid of terrorists, aliens, gangs, and whoever else is demonized in the media. These tactics weaken our connections with our fellow neighbors and allow our society to become more fragile.

I’d say we’re in a game of spiritual warfare. The pandemic isn’t over, and in the midst of it, we’re continuously fed one disappointing story after the next; it’s a cycle of low vibrations. But if you’re willing to see it, the events of 2020 have shown us how little control we have when it comes to external affairs. The most we can do for ourselves and for the world, is to learn how to balance ourselves internally (which is a daily practice).

Who wants to have their mood shifted every time they hop on social media or check the news? Find the still within so you can know what’s really worth your energy. What helps calm your mind? Check in with your own discernment. Is the content you’re about to digest going to help your well-being or harm it?

Challenges will always be present, we’ll always encounter messages that don’t support a healthy mind or vibe. “The work” always involves how we decide to respond; that’s truly the hard part.

Photo taken by me in Brooklyn, NY.

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