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Practically Manifest Your Goals: It’s Virgo Season

The below blog post is from my most recent newsletter. I typically create content specifically just for the newsletter, but I thought this one would be good to share as a blog post.

Can you believe it? The year is more than halfway over! We’ve come to the end of August, Leo season is done, and now we’re heading into the earthy, grounded, feminine energy of Virgo.

After the gregarious summer vibes, September always seems to be a sobering month. Virgo is ready to get us focused again. September almost feels like the dawn of a new year; those of the Jewish faith, actually celebrate their new year in September—Rosh Hashanah. 

As Virgo pulls us back down to earth after expansive Leo, we can find ways to practically work towards manifesting our intentions. Work on those business plans, organize your files, clear out your digital trash; it’s also never too late to invest in a planner.

It’s time to calm our minds and ground ourselves.

While connecting with the calmer Virgo energies, think about the change you want to see in your life. What will the change require of YOU? It seems there’s something new happening almost every month these days. With elections coming up, there might be more divisive energy in the air. We can’t succumb to the external negative energies; there’s certainly been enough of that this year! 

Of course, there will always be situations that may be out of our control, but the better we can handle unforeseen changes, while moving with our own inner peace and navigation system, the more adaptable we’ll be. Keep your mind and body agile!

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