Swimming: An Artful Escape

Swimming in a water hole

That moment when you glide smoothly into the water;
it’s like you’re transporting yourself to another world.
Swimming; it’s so therapeutic.

Without regular trips to the gym and a daily commute, my mobility has lessened.
I do take walks and go for jogs, but that only makes up for a portion of
what I’ve lost.
I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the beach quite frequently this summer.

Swimming has been a peaceful, intuitive way to connect with earth, the divine,
and even my own body.
I feel my back loosen up as I entrust it to the ocean;
I let my legs and arms move with the currents.
I float and tread the water; I stare off into the abyss of blue water and sky.
I watch clouds in the distance.

Fluid movements in the cocoon of water,
Open natural water can truly act as the body’s medicine.

Image of me in a Mexican swimming hole.

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