Have Fun and Honor the Sun’s Energy This Leo Season

“The Sun is the pull to Spirit and Self, a differentiation into individuality and separate awareness. It is the life giver, a source of power and indicator of destiny.”
– Judy Hall, The Hades Moon

It’s about to be Leo season! Leo season lasts from July 23rd through August 22nd. Being a July Leo myself, I always feel particularly energized during this time right after the “nesting” days of Cancer season. Too hot to walk around in a park, the beaches call out to my inner mermaid. Swimming, laying out in the sun, dresses and skirts, and drinking iced coffees. It’s time to put the batteries in our backs and have fun!

I mean, just look at The Sun tarot card, which is representative of Leo. It’s a Major Arcana card (which indicates a major moment, life lesson, or karmic influence), one of optimism, life energy, and childhood innocence (which is also often a Leo trait). Jubilantly riding a horse, this card combines nobility with strength and tenderness. Which all sounds pretty leonine, to be honest. These are the energies within ourselves that we need to tap into during this time.

As the weight of the world has been quite heavy in 2020, now is the perfect time to enjoy the light of the summer, be creative, and have fun.

Did you know, astrologically speaking, the sun is the ruler of self? As a luminary, it represents our spirit, a part of our identity, and encourages creativity. The sun, a masculine, yang energy – represents our conscious minds; the here and now, while the moon (Cancer), a feminine yin energy, represents our subconscious. I worship both the sun and the moon, as the sun shines a light on our consciousness and the moon illuminates the dark, the unknown – reminding us that if we choose to, we can still see our way through it all.

But for now, we honor the sun. Dance, express yourself, watch the sunsets, embrace the masculine energy that calls us to do – to feel alive!

O sun, feed me with your warmth.
Enrich my body with natural vitamin D.
Your golden rays from the heavens nourish our bodies and our plants.
You guide the growth of our sturdy sunflowers up into the sky.

O beautiful sun, you flood our homes with light, reminding us of the
possibilities still left in the day.
You shimmer, you sparkle, you give life; it’s hard to deny your power.
For all the good that you bring, under harsh circumstances,
you can also be a harbinger of death, a great destroyer.
And I love you for that as well.

Through it all, you are revered, you are honored.

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