Full Moon in Leo 2020: Be Creative, Live from Your Heart

The moon went full in the sign of Leo on February 8th 2020 at 11:33 PM PT. As a Leo sun (with a fire-heavy natal chart), I understand the energies that come with this moon and I’m excited by it. Now is a good time to get in touch with our playful nature, to lead with your heart and be creative. Let’s get out of our heads for a bit (current Aquarius energy). 

Though Leo is a masculine sign/energy, Leo rules the heart (and spine/upper back); there’s a nice duality of feminine and masculine. This is a time for us to also connect with that divine within us. To love, accept love, and take action to be creative (receiving = feminine, action = masculine). Since this full moon is happening in Leo’s polar opposite, Aquarius, we can reflect on how we’ve managed to integrate parts of our self (Leo) with the whole (Aquarius), and how we can not only think about ourselves, but the collective.

The effects of the full moon can still be felt after the moon is completely full, so take the time to let loose a little bit and live boldly. Maybe you want to dance, draw, or write. Whatever strikes your fancy, get into it! Get in touch with yourself and share your gifts with the world. 

Also, don’t forget to reflect. Think about where you’ve been in the past month, what are your goals, and how you plan to move forward with them.

Leo ruling planet = the sun (star)

Ruling house = 5th house: Sports, children, creativity, romance, arts, love affairs

Birthstone = ruby

Tarot card = The Sun, Strength

The Sun in the Rider-Waite traditional tarot deck.
Strength in the Rider-Waite traditional tarot deck.


Featured image captured by me at the New York Public Library.



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