February 2020 Affirmations

I recently ordered this lovely Affirmations deck from an indie designer based in Australia, Dreamy Moons. I’ve followed her on Instagram for a while now and her art always speaks to me. I love the simple designs, the mysticism, and the gold and black combination. I’ve been pulling weekly affirmations for myself, and I decided to pull affirmations for February.

February will be interesting. We had the 02.02.2020 palindrome day this Sunday, we’re harnessing Aquarian energy, and there will be a full moon in Leo on February 9th (post to come about that shortly). I think many of us are experiencing deep shifts in our lives – so I’ve pulled two affirmations that I wanted to share.

Bottom of the deck card.

I did a closeup shot of the “I follow my bliss card” but I had a little scratch on the card and didn’t want to show it haha. But I think it’s pretty legible here. SO – I thought “I follow my bliss” was a great affirmation, pretty straightforward, but then I wanted to take it further.

Similar to the tarot readings I do for myself, I checked the bottom of the deck for the energy that supports the card I pulled. Here, in Biddy Tarot, the author sums up the bottom of the deck energy pretty nicely, “The bottom card alludes to the hidden aspects that are influencing the situation at hand and gives deep insight into the subconscious mind of the client.

I refuse to give up because I haven’t tried all possible ways” was the affirmation at the bottom and I’d say it’s a pretty good supportive energy. To hear “I follow my bliss” is one thing — but why? Because there’s something currently that isn’t really the ideal, so to follow your bliss means to put yourself on the path of “reaching for the stars,” of “refusing to give up.”

This is what I’ll be keeping in mind for February to follow my bliss and not give up. Along with my own mantra to be consistent.







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