Delight in the Summer Storm

Summer storms – nature’s party that joins the forces of wind, water, clouds, thunder, and lightning. This combination ushers in such invigorating energy; it’s one of my favorite things about Summer.

Incoming storm in South Carolina.
Photographed by OBSRVNC

It feels like you’re in a movie — all of a sudden the skies get dark and you know something is on the horizon. Soon, the rain drops slowly … just a slight pitter-patter, with only seconds until big droplets gain momentum and pound the concrete, creating its own soundtrack.

Loud booms, flashing lights. Perhaps even a crackle through the sky. There’s a whirlwind of energy.

Soon the show is over and you’re hit by the cool gusty winds. Perhaps you even feel the electricity in the air. 

The relief felt from the rain and storm after so much sun and heat can feel cleansing and renewing. And when all settles down, the clouds form beautiful patterns, the air feels a little less heavy, and you continue on.

Here’s to the hot summer sun and the storms that come with the season! (The ones that don’t leave more humidity in their wake).

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