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Stop. Think About “The New Normal” For YOU


This Libra season I ask, how does one find balance if one is always on the go? I believe many people are spiritually awakening or at least questioning reality as we’ve known it, but as we live our day to day lives, it can be quite easy to get sucked back into the cycle of having your head in your phone, checking e-mails/social media/notifications, and being obsessed about productivity. It takes a lot of awareness and determination to know when you’ve gotten too far away from your spirit, from your own core grounding.


I almost feel like now that we’re not on lockdown, there’s a rushed energy to try and get things back to how they were before. “Get people back into the office—Spend money—Entertain Yourself—Sports—Celebrity News.” Remember? This was how you lived your life before. Let’s try to get it back to that so that you complain less. So that you’re still passive.

Let’s not forget that things weren’t all great and dandy before the pandemic. Capitalism was still draining more hours and money from people. Public transportation was severely overcrowded, schools have been failing students, the income disparity continues to increase. But all we get are more tv shows, more social media dances, more gadgets, inflation, and poisonous food.

Some places are still in lockdown, other places have less restrictions … who knows what’s permanent and temporary these days. But I believe we should try to be more intentional about the type of future we can create for ourselves. Also, be willing to be a little open minded. You never know what the universe might decide to bless you with.

What’s in the past is in the past.

Image captured by me in Beacon, NY

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