What's your daily spiritual practice?

What’s Your Daily Spiritual Practice?

“One of the pillars of soulful living, according to inspiring yoga teacher Leila Sadapghee, is the establishment of sadhana, daily spiritual practice. This needn’t involve prayer– it could be a daily meditation, mantra repetition or yoga practice with an underlying spiritual intent.”

— Pip Walker, Deeply Holistic

I highlighted that quote in the book I just finished, Deeply Holistic, by Pip Walker, which has been incredibly insightful on sharing the connections between our mind, body, and soul and the holistic ways in which we can nurture all three aspects of our selves. Being aware of this connection has helped me understand myself better.

Depending on how my thinking is on a particular day, I can see where I’ve slacked off on my spiritual care. When I’m prone to feeling more anxious; I realize I’m worrying and not living in the moment. I realize moments where I may be internalizing more fear than I’d like to. I encounter these “lower vibrational” energies and have to pull myself back.

During these low vibrational moments, I remember that there are good energies that I can tap into. That I can transmute my negative thoughts, that I only want the best of what the universe has to offer me.

There are things that I like to do to help me feel more centered. And though I may not do all of them in one day, I realize that engaging in at least one of these activities helps me get into a better energetic space, allowing me to be more positive and clear-headed rather than the emotional instability I can find myself creeping towards:

Daily Practices to Help Your Spirit:

  • Going for a walk without listening to music. Simply being outside, feeling the breeze. Hearing the birds and the trees ruffle.
  • Meditating. I prefer to do this in the morning.
  • Gratitude affirmations (say aloud the things that you’re grateful for. This helps you realize how blessed you curently are)
  • Yoga
  • Spend some time in nature
  • Mantra repetitions (sounds made through the repetition of a phrase during meditation. These vibrations are believed to hold power)

Image captured by me of some joggers in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

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