Does Your Soul Need These Two Things?

“What are soul needs? They lie in two realms: nature and creativity.”
– Clarissa Pinkola Estés,
Women who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype

I just want to leave you all with this quote that resonated heavily with my soul. I chose this photo I shot from the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens for my feature image because when you think about it, isn’t a garden such a beautiful combination of nature and creativity?

Nature is so abundant! So healing! Sometimes I think we take it for granted. The trees that provide us shade and oxygen (plus homes to so many animals and critters), the bees that pollinate to keep organic life thriving, the water to cool us down, the grass to sit on. I could go on.

And our individual creativity helps us explore new ideas, new thoughts, we can literally give birth to new things because of our beautiful minds. From our minds, hearts, hands, and feet, we create! Check-in with your inner creator from time to time. We all have one. It’s a part of your soul you absolutely must feed. There’s no pressure when it comes to creativity. Use it as a release.

I think we could all benefit from more exposure to nature and creativity in our lives.
Be well, stay healthy!

From top left to right: Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 kid’s playground, Prospect Park, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 kid’s playground

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