Do You Listen with Intention?

“The conversation lingered in my head for hours —”

– Outkast (Big Boi), Rosa Parks

How often do we find ourselves in conversations where we say, “I was thinking about ‘that thing’ you were talking about the other day?” to someone we know? Let me ask you this – is it often enough?

I like to think that by saying this, maybe subconsciously, we’re letting someone know that we listened to them. It’s not even that we agree or disagree with what was said, but we let that thought marinate in our minds. Maybe as the person was speaking, you made a mental note and said “oh, I have to look into that” or perhaps it just popped into your head at a later time and you pondered on it.

Not every relationship with everyone you know has to get super deep—every relationship serves its purpose. But are you at least having some sort of meaningful conversation with one or two people in your life? With someone who challenges your way of thinking? With someone who dares you to step out of your comfort zone? And are you willing to hear them?

Since a conversation is an energy exchange, you should consider what you bring to the table as well. And maybe you don’t always have it in you to be super insightful; that’s fine. Maybe what you bring to the table is your ability to be there for someone. To listen to them as they sort through things. I think sometimes as a society, we under-appreciate good listeners and only realize it when that person isn’t around to listen anymore.

Let’s try to be more intentional about our exchanges. And think about how can we listen without being ready to judge? I feel like that’s such an ongoing personal battle. In times like these, we’re constantly being tested and divided. Let’s unite and be a better listener to the people in our lives.
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Both images captured by me.

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2 responses to “Do You Listen with Intention?”

  1. Shruba Avatar

    Your posts are so crucial and thought-provoking. I love it! I try to be a good listener but it’s actually always a struggle to not judge someone even before we let them speak. The attempt matters I guess. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. B Avatar

      Thank you! I truly appreciate that. And yeah, it won’t happen overnight but it’s definitely a conscious effort and something I continue to work on day after day. Everything is a process 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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