Reconnect with Self This Cancer Season – Where’s Your ‘Home’?

It’s summer time in NYC and it’s also Cancer season. Cancer is a feminine, water sign – represented by the crab (hard exterior, soft interior) and connected to the moon. We’ve had some wonderfully summer weather lately, and with the beaches open, it’s been the perfect time to feel the healing energy of the ocean, to connect with Cancerian energies.

How do you feel when you’re by the ocean? Isn’t it peaceful? The far out distance, the waves crashing on top of one another. Watching them roll up to the shore then pull back away into itself again.

I always have this distinct feeling of “home” when I’m in the ocean. It’s so meditative, so peaceful. I can literally just be in the water, float, tread around and just be. Everything else seems so distant. Both physically and mentally. Being in the water conjures up feelings of being back in the womb. After all, we were living in liquid for the first few months of our lives.

Water is associated with the feminine. Water flows, it’s a yin energy (yang in masculine). The Cancer energy is about nurturing, finding security, and making a home for oneself. It’s all a very motherly and healing energy. Think about how healing water can be.

How are you being called to nurture yourself? To support your own feelings of belonging? To connect with your feminine energies (being creative, connecting to your intuition, etc.)?
Cancer season is from June 20 – July 22nd, so take the time to enjoy these “feeling” energies because Leo season will come in with a roar, ready to get the party started!

“The feminine, whether the feminine principle or women themselves, holds the secret of creation, which is the light hidden in matter. It is very important to understand that if one is to do any real spiritual work at this time of global and ecological crisis, because the feminine holds the unique understanding of the sacredness in matter and how we need to reawaken that aspect of life.”

— Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Image captured by me in Coney Island

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