We Need Seeds, We Need Growth.

I recently realized that I only see seedless grapes in the grocery store. To be honest, I haven’t been to a farmer’s market in a while, but I do know that seedless grapes seem to be the norm in the stores. Why is seedless so popular anyway? Did people really demand seedless fruit or was it something that the industry kind of imposed on us— selling us on the idea of convenience?

Seeds mean life. Seeds are good for us – internally and externally. I just successfully propagated a cutting from a pothos plant and it’s so cool to see how my one plant was able to help create another version of itself. I have now started propagating basil. While creating another plant for myself from a cutting, I thought about the importance of seeds, of planting. That we should have easy access to a range of seeds so we can grow our own fruits and vegetables.

Seeds help maintain produce diversity. By planting seeds we come to know mother nature better. We become better gardeners by understanding the conditions the seeds need for proper growth – and thus, how to maintain the plant overtime. This knowledge allows us to have better ideas of when and where to plant, so then we’ll know how to harvest. I think gardening, foraging, and caring for plants in general helps connect us to the circle of life. With all of these screens, we become disconnected – we should spend some time getting a little more grounded by working with the fruits of nature.

I hope that in 2020 more people have sought ways to encourage positive growth. Growth through personal evolution, growth through gardening, and spiritual growth.

All images captured by me.

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