Gemini Season Came to Ask – How Can We Make Sense of it All?

In my last newsletter, I mentioned that the May 22nd new moon was in Gemini, an air sign ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication. We’re currently in Gemini season, during a pandemic, and witnessing racial injustice, protests, and (questionable) riots across the country (and the world to a degree). It’s a lot.

My new moon guidance was to think through — How do we receive information and how do we share with others? Is there anything you think you need to re-evaluate? It seems we’ve received a whole lot of information as of late. I’ve been spending time going inwards, sorting through what I receive, and what to make of it.

“Unprecedented times” is what has been the narrative for these communications.

The atmosphere feels like the humming of the refrigerator that just won’t stop. All of these opinions and energies simmering up – a fight of low vibration against those who are trying to stay grounded.

Gemini Season Tarot Pull (2 cards) = Wheel of Fortune and 5 of Swords Reversed

Wheel of Fortune and the cycles we’ve seen leading up to our current state...

I pulled some tarot cards for this specific timeframe, wondering if there were any messages I could receive. I have a very beginner knowledge of tarot. But I pulled the Wheel of Fortune and 5 of swords reversed.

I just knewwww I’d pull a Wheel of Fortune. There’s something very cyclical feeling about all of this. The Wheel of Fortune is a Major Arcana card. This card holds heavier weight in regards to major life situations. In Tarot as a Way of Life, Karen Hammaker-Zondag says that in the Wheel of Fortune, “the repetition, with minor variations, of certain patterns, is the result of projections we have still not seen for what they are. […] It seems as if life is playing a game with us, and we are constantly the victim of what it pulls out of its bag of tricks.”

The Wheel of Fortune wants us to confront life in a step towards maturity, for taking responsibility. I think it’s interesting that this card was pulled, as it’s not the Justice card (which comes after the Wheel of Fortune). The Wheel keeps us in this space of externalization. Which is why I don’t believe this is the revolution people want it to be. This just doesn’t feel like “it” yet. I don’t know. It seems to be reiterating that we’re still on the same collective cycles. We need to move past this continuous struggle.

5 of Swords and our karmic challenges with being human…

I wasn’t surprised by the 5 of Swords reversed either. I also had a feeling a sword card would come out. Swords represent communication in tarot (and air signs); it’s about thinking and logic. As Hammaker-Zondag says, “they make distinctions on their own initiative, and in a negative sense, cause separation.” It’s also a yang card – representative of the masculine energy. The sword’s masculine energy moves with a forceful, sometimes tactless, and distinct energy.

In numerology and tarot, 5 represents a genuine connection to humanity and life. But it’s a paradoxical number which brings karmic challenges. Hammaker Zondag says, “the fives of the Minor Arcana each represent problems that have to do with a lack of eros, and with the trouble we find in being part of life.” Pretty spot-on for the times.

When we have the 5 of swords, we’re facing the ultimate challenge. We’re so disconnected from others, there isn’t a positive revolution. There’s a sense of restlessness that’s accompanied by our actions (seems to make sense given the pandemic’s lockdown has also lead us here), and most importantly, there’s a battle for power and the battles fought during this time come with high stakes. The 5 of swords reversed is one of those cards where it’s just super heavy and filled with a lot of karmic baggage, cyclic baggage – and conflict. Phew. Sounds about right.

The bottom of the deck energy was a two of wands. More yang – masculine energy. Wands is representative of fire. There’s no plan yet. There’s protesting, there’s unrest, but the people need to decide where they want to take this. What’s next? There’s a decision that needs to be made, a plan that needs to come together to advance the good of the people.

This will be a long, hard, fight.
Never forget that the revolution starts within. It will not be televised.

*All images captured by me in NYC*

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