Full Moon in Virgo 2020: Stop Holding Back

Heads up, folks! We’ve got a full moon in Virgo this Monday, March 9th, 2020 at 1:47 PM EST. It will actually be a super moon, which means the moon is closer to the earth and therefore, looks bigger. Virgo’s energy wants us to get serious about preparing for our present and future, heeding us to get out of our own way.

Virgo wants us to put forth our plans in motion from the Pisces New Moon. It’s time to get practical and resourceful while also paying attention to the smaller details. Have you been putting off addressing your finances? Are you avoiding pursuing things that truly make you happy? During this full moon cycle, spend some time asking yourself why you may be holding yourself back and what can be done about it.

Though Virgos like to handle much on their own, there comes a time when it’s okay to accept the universe’s help. Pay attention to the signs.

Don’t miss the big picture by overly focusing on the details.

P.S: This full moon occurs while Mercury’s Retrograde comes to an end.

Interested in a full moon ritual?

This can be something simple that you do just for self:

  • Smudge your home/room and crystals (sage or palo santo).
  • Instead of smudge, you can leave crystals out to charge under the moonlight.
  • Journal about what you’re ready to release or what you’re ready to call into your life.
  • Write about how far you’ve come in your journey since your new moon intentions. What progress are you making?
  • Write positive affirmations and read them aloud.
  • Meditate — you may want to try binaural beats.

Image captured by me, full moon in Brooklyn 2019.


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