Be Intentional About Your Goals – The Chariot: Tarot Inspiration

Brooklyn received its first snowfall of the year yesterday. I came across this old photo I took and thought it was fitting — also because it spoke to me.

When looking at the train pulling into the station, I think of The Chariot (Major Arcana) tarot card. The original chariot description features a brave warrior, standing tall, being carried and brought forth on his chariot. When the chariot card appears, it’s about taking action, moving forward; it’s a positive sign to get. I also like that it means moving forward while also being in flow. It’s a little different than the King of Swords (Minor Arcana), a fixed, stern, take charge kind of energy. The King of Swords is a bit about control.

But I appreciate The Chariot. It reminds us to be intentional about our goals and to realize that you can make decisions that are in alignment with your true values. Are you seeing your intentions come to fruition? Every time I post a blog, it’s a little note to myself that I’m staying on track with being more consistent; that I’m holding myself accountable for the things I said I would do.

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