Own Worst Enemy


Feelings are just that, feelings.
It’s also because of them, that we do the things we do.
It’s because of our feelings, our desires for one another,
that we hope to execute shared dreams;
that we invest and feed each other’s souls.

What do we do when it all seems to be in jeopardy?
When you wonder if it was all an illusion?
You lied to me; I lied to myself.
Perhaps it is me.
I’m my own worst enemy.

Pic shot by me in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.



3 responses to “Own Worst Enemy”

  1. Robert Doyle Avatar

    The words really work with this photo. The empty bench and the lone figure seated at the other bench. Really creative and evocative.


    1. B Avatar

      Thank you! Yes, when I saw that photo in my collection, I was like – perfect! It’s so good to know someone else is making these connections as well 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Robert Doyle Avatar

        Well I’m happy that I saw it the way you were thinking. Photography says so much without actually saying it!


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