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Let’s work together to balance and heal your internal world!

Work with me, your Holistic Nutritionist!

I use my skills as a holistic nutritionist coach, reiki healer, and marketing/branding strategist to help you patch together some of the holes in your wellness approach. We will work together to create a non-intimidating plan that suits your needs.

  • Need help understanding your health concerns? 

  • Looking for solutions to heal your gut issues (related to anxiety and emotional health) or heart health?

  • Are you ready to incorporate more nutritious foods and recipes into your diet?

  • Curious about food substitutes and grocery shopping lists?

  • Ready to discover some of the root causes of your health concerns?

Do you just KNOW that you could be making better health decisions but need someone to help guide you through the process? No pressure! >> Let’s chat. <<

Healthier Habits Will Be A Part of Your NEW Lifestyle

My goal is to help you reconsider your wellness decisions and actions so we can reshape your well-being. In doing so, I’ll work with you to recognize how your psychological, environmental, and social factors influence your health behaviors. 

We’ll work together to incorporate healthier habits for your mind, body, and spirit on a daily basis. We will focus on ways to reduce stress, find meals/recipes that work for you, and reshape your relationship with food. We will also look at some herbal infusions that can serve as allies in your healing process. 

Last but not least, we’ll explore your relationship with fitness and exercise. I’ll help you find ways you can incorporate more movement into your days and weeks to keep your vessel functioning optimally.

*I will most likely bring to your attention which of your chakras are blocked based on your health issues. Subtly, we may address how to work through blockages depending on your program.


Health & Wellness consultation program

3-Session Health & Wellness Consultation Program

This program starts with understanding your concerns during the 30-minute free consultation. I’ll also lay out how the sessions will be conducted over the next 1-2 months.

Session 1: During this 1 hour chat, we discuss how the past has affected your lifestyle, your current struggles, concerns, and future goals (short-term and long-term).

Session 2: We’ll check in to review your current process, including a review of any documents I requested from you. We will address any barriers you encounter as you continue with your integrations.

Session 3: We’ll assess where you are after 30 days of implementing your new behaviors and determine how you can best move forward on your own.

*Individual follow-ups are available at $45 an hour.

Herbal Consultation Program

Herbal Consultation Program

During this 1 hour chat, we’ll discuss some of your health concerns and look at how your current lifestyle affects these issues. We’ll review your diet and lifestyle inclusive of any medications/herbs you’re currently taking. Ultimately, I’ll work with you to recommend herbs to include in your diet and will send a curated herbal infusion to you.

*Individual follow-ups are available at $45 an hour.

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Brandyce helped me find the herbs I needed to incorporate into my diet to support and improve my thyroid issues. After slowly changing some of my lifestyle habits, I’m more health-conscious and spend plenty of time in the health food store. My personal collection of herbs has increased since working with her!

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