• Stop to Smell the Flowers This Taurus Season

    Stop to Smell the Flowers This Taurus Season

    The flowers are blooming, the grass is green, and there’s no denying that we are in spring! True spring indicates that we’re also in Taurus season. It’s time for the bull to come barreling through the cosmos and get us grounded in ourselves. After the flurry of spring initiation from Aries, Taurus tells us to…

  • Is it Just Me or is it Getting Weird Outside?

    Is it Just Me or is it Getting Weird Outside?

    It’s Spring of 2023 and after a bit of a hiatus, I’m easing back into content creation here on OBSRVNC. I look forward to sharing more thoughts and observations of this wild world that we live in. AND — I will be back with my herbs and seasonal + astrological nutrition recommendations, starting with Taurus…

  • Do You Prepare Yourself for the Winter Blues?

    Do You Prepare Yourself for the Winter Blues?

    Cloudy days, sharp winds, icy streets, and cold temperatures are just some of the conditions that New Yorkers and folks in the Midwest and Northeast deal with during the winter. Oh, and of course, short days when the sun is setting by 5pm. It’s not really the ideal weather to be outside enjoying nature and…

  • Flower Blooms Bring Bees

    Flower Blooms Bring Bees

    I’m loving all of the blooms that I’m surrounded by this spring! The end of May and June has brought an abundance of floral, arboreal, and herbal blooms here in Brooklyn. Thanks to gardens and green spaces at parks, parkways, the beach, and people’s yards — we’ve got so much of nature’s beauty to appreciate…

  • A Call to Nurture and Balance Yourself <3

    A Call to Nurture and Balance Yourself <3

    Ok y’all, it’s officially summer!! And I’ve noticed that the theme of duality from Gemini season continues. We transitioned from light/dark to masculine/feminine. With the sun in the feminine, watery sign of Cancer, I’m called to look at how we balance these tender vibes with the hot, masculine energy of summer.  How did we get…

  • Are You Positively Influencing Your Community?

    Are You Positively Influencing Your Community?

    This post is from my January Newsletter about Aquarius season and its impact on 2021’s energy. In honor of the February 11th New Moon in Aquarius, I thought this would be a good post to share. We’re in an Aquarius stellium; the energy is strong! Start working towards those out-of-the world dreams of yours! Also,…

  • Alone, Together

    Alone, Together

    I enjoy my own company. Even while at home, I’m rarely bored; there’s always so much to do. Clean, write, journal, organize, learn, create art. I have a rich inner world. Sometimes it’s a blessing and a curse. I often go to the beach alone. To the park alone. Simply because I enjoy it.Conversations don’t always need to…

  • We Shouldn’t Externalize “The Revolution”

    We Shouldn’t Externalize “The Revolution”

    The revolution won’t be televised. Why not? Because I honestly believe the revolution starts within. It starts with how we think about ourselves. Our outlook on our own lives, the intentions behind our actions, the way we prioritize our health and mental states. The little things we can do in our lives to help bring…

  • Rollercoaster of Emotions

    Rollercoaster of Emotions

    “How do you feel?”  “I’m good, I feel fine. Just some adjusting to not going out to bars and restaurants, otherwise I’m dealing.” That’s my typical response. Under the surface, I’m distracted. Some days I’m more focused than others. Some days, I’m able to focus on getting work done, doing more research about work, and…

  • Don’t Forget How Big Your Spirit Is

    That’s me. Little B in a big world. This picture reminds me of how “small” I am in this vast space. A space occupied by buildings, some big, some small, some that soar up into the sky. A space occupied by trees, fields, water, birds, and a lot more people. There’s an interconnectedness that we…

  • Wordless Wednesday: Streets of DUMBO

    Shot by me in Dumbo, Brooklyn

  • Wordless Wednesday: Brooklyn Street Art


  • Homeless

    Sometimes, a home isn’t a home; only a place to rest your head.   Shot by me in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

  • Unknown Paths

    It’s all unknown. We’re simply left with the desires of what we may or may not want in our lives – present and future tense. And then we make decisions. Shot by me in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

  • Wordless Wednesday: Train Skyline

    Pic taken by me, Avenue N Train Station, Brooklyn, New York

  • Support Systems

    We all need a support system. Sometimes we shut down and need to be alone; sometimes we need the support of our loved ones. Even if we don’t want to ask. The ones who care about our well being, our mental states. Those who may not always agree with what we do, but are there…

  • Central Park, My Playground

    A young girl from Queens, Central Park was my playground. E, F, and R trains, with direct routes to Midtown, placing you at the entrance or within walking distance. Climbing up and down monstrous rocks and boulders, quite a feat for a child- Rollerblading on paved park streets of concrete, swerving in and out of…

  • Wordless Wednesday: Coney Island

  • Wordless Wednesday: Brooklyn Bridge

    Shot by me, Brooklyn Bridge – Brooklyn, New York

  • Wordless Wednesdays: NYC Graffiti

    Shot by me in Chinatown, NYC