• To Feel, lightly.

    I kept trying to feel lightly; I know it’s for the best. But I can’t help it. I don’t know how to be involved with something I love, lightly.  Image captured by me at Roosevelt Island, NYC

  • Into the Darkness

    I saw the light with you; but also saw the underworld. We plunged into the darkness, ventured into the unknown. Something about it was so beautifully scary; intoxicating. But it was time to take a break, to embrace the light again. You made your home in the darkness, established your throne.

  • Own Worst Enemy

    Feelings are just that, feelings. It’s also because of them, that we do the things we do. It’s because of our feelings, our desires for one another, that we hope to execute shared dreams; that we invest and feed each other’s souls. What do we do when it all seems to be in jeopardy? When…

  • Flooded Waters

    It was too easy;the lies rolled off your tonguelike flooded waters. Something once peaceful and refreshing,now a messy nuisance. The water expands,the salt corrodes,everything is damaged in its wake.

  • Daily Prompt: Ceremony

    A title can never dictate how the heart feels. Nor does it define a relationship. It can’t rationalize the bullshit swept under the rug. Titles, formalities, ceremonies –  seemingly emphasized more than the quality of the relationship. What happens when the ceremony that’s supposed to usher you into a life of partnered stability, protection, and…

  • Warning

    Beware of unspoken expectations. Pic shot by me in Financial District, NYC.

  • Selfish Love

    Selfish Love

    A relationship extended beyond its expiration date; each lacked the courage to leave, to walk away from that which was unfulfilling. Compromising satisfaction for familiarity, because of time invested. Never mind the instability, the pain inflicted upon one another. What was thought to be “love,” was only selfishness. Then you ask yourself, did you live…

  • Longing


    Our hearts beat for one anotherwhile simultaneously being torn apart.