• There’s Beauty in Life and Death

    There’s Beauty in Life and Death

    Memento mori,Memento vivere.Remember you must die,Remember you must live. So often we find ourselves living through the mundane in life. We get lost in the annoyances. We forget to be thankful, to be appreciative, to love, and to honor ourselves through our health. We put things off until tomorrow and follow the same patterns. We…

  • Sadness is my friend, my foe

    Sadness is my friend, sadness is my foe. Sometimes I can sit with it and let it be. Other times it bubbles to the surface and boils over, leaving a mess in its wake. And sometimes I let myself just be consumed by it; I submit to it. Photo taken by me at Green-Wood Cemetery…

  • Transient

    Life and death, everything is so transient.   Pic taken by me in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn NY