• A Call to Nurture and Balance Yourself <3

    A Call to Nurture and Balance Yourself <3

    Ok y’all, it’s officially summer!! And I’ve noticed that the theme of duality from Gemini season continues. We transitioned from light/dark to masculine/feminine. With the sun in the feminine, watery sign of Cancer, I’m called to look at how we balance these tender vibes with the hot, masculine energy of summer.  How did we get…

  • We Shouldn’t Externalize “The Revolution”

    We Shouldn’t Externalize “The Revolution”

    The revolution won’t be televised. Why not? Because I honestly believe the revolution starts within. It starts with how we think about ourselves. Our outlook on our own lives, the intentions behind our actions, the way we prioritize our health and mental states. The little things we can do in our lives to help bring…

  • Long Gone Are the Days

    Long Gone Are the Days

    Seems like the quiet times these days are the early mornings, the stormy days, the rain,and the night time (when people start to head home). Social mobility post “quarantine lock-down” has been beneficial, but let’s face it –we’re all outside!Some people are still quarantining, but most of us are out trying to enjoy slivers of…

  • Wordless Wednesday: Streets of DUMBO

    Shot by me in Dumbo, Brooklyn

  • Unknown Paths

    It’s all unknown. We’re simply left with the desires of what we may or may not want in our lives – present and future tense. And then we make decisions. Shot by me in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

  • Wordless Wednesday: Brooklyn Brownstones

  • Wordless Wednesday: Train Skyline

    Pic taken by me, Avenue N Train Station, Brooklyn, New York

  • Support Systems

    We all need a support system. Sometimes we shut down and need to be alone; sometimes we need the support of our loved ones. Even if we don’t want to ask. The ones who care about our well being, our mental states. Those who may not always agree with what we do, but are there…

  • Wordless Wednesday: Brooklyn Bridge

    Shot by me, Brooklyn Bridge – Brooklyn, New York

  • A Summer Storm

    An ombré of yellow into grey, lightning bolts pierce the sky. Flashes of light, heavy water droplets thrown from the heavens, clouds clash, and the grounds rumble. It’s a summer storm, one of the best kinds. Pic taken by me, Brooklyn New York

  • Daily Prompt: Ceremony

    A title can never dictate how the heart feels. Nor does it define a relationship. It can’t rationalize the bullshit swept under the rug. Titles, formalities, ceremonies –  seemingly emphasized more than the quality of the relationship. What happens when the ceremony that’s supposed to usher you into a life of partnered stability, protection, and…

  • Wordless Wednesday

    Wordless Wednesday

    Pic Taken by me in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn

  • Slow Down, It’s Snowing…

    Slow Down, It’s Snowing…

    The photos in this post are not taken from today, but I’m reminded of this moment in time due to today’s first snow shower in Brooklyn. It’s been quite warm as of late, and aside from our blast of cool air this weekend – tomorrow will be a high of 54 and rainy; I’m not looking…

  • Cemetery Serenity: Greenwood and Sleepy Hollow

    Cemetery Serenity: Greenwood and Sleepy Hollow

    (all photos taken by me) As I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed an appreciation for cemeteries. Walking through a cemetery makes me feel calm and pensive, and somehow a bit safe. It’s a sacred space and almost surreal in the sense that you’re reminded of how fleeting life is. There’s something about being in a cemetery that…

  • Spring Forward! A Sunday Snapshot

    Views from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Spring is almost here and it is getting quite enjoyable to be outside. As much as I love to get away from NYC, I absolutely love the sunsets here. There’s something about the sun shining off the buildings, the shadows that are cast, and the cascading of light down the avenues.…