• Support Systems

    We all need a support system. Sometimes we shut down and need to be alone; sometimes we need the support of our loved ones. Even if we don’t want to ask. The ones who care about our well being, our mental states. Those who may not always agree with what we do, but are there…

  • Central Park, My Playground

    A young girl from Queens, Central Park was my playground. E, F, and R trains, with direct routes to Midtown, placing you at the entrance or within walking distance. Climbing up and down monstrous rocks and boulders, quite a feat for a child- Rollerblading on paved park streets of concrete, swerving in and out of…

  • Flooded Waters

    It was too easy;the lies rolled off your tonguelike flooded waters. Something once peaceful and refreshing,now a messy nuisance. The water expands,the salt corrodes,everything is damaged in its wake.

  • Gratitude

    Thank you for being you,for unknowingly being a muse,for cracking through my fortress. Thank you for believing in me, for encouraging me to be more active about things I was passive about.I’m still a work in progress, sometimes I fall off, but I think about what you’d say if you saw me slacking. Shot by…

  • A Summer Storm

    An ombré of yellow into grey, lightning bolts pierce the sky. Flashes of light, heavy water droplets thrown from the heavens, clouds clash, and the grounds rumble. It’s a summer storm, one of the best kinds. Pic taken by me, Brooklyn New York

  • The Haze

    It was thick and opaque like fog rolling in overnight. A silent killer, eating me away inside; I didn’t even realize – My heart was hardening. Mind always racing, pacing, thinking. A paralyzing anxiety.

  • To be like water

    Don’t let self-doubts get in the way of fully achieving your desires.Don’t be too rigid,It all slips away when you hold on too tightly.Be fluid, like water. Pic taken by me at Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

  • Transient

    Life and death, everything is so transient.   Pic taken by me in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn NY

  • Daily Prompt: Ceremony

    A title can never dictate how the heart feels. Nor does it define a relationship. It can’t rationalize the bullshit swept under the rug. Titles, formalities, ceremonies –  seemingly emphasized more than the quality of the relationship. What happens when the ceremony that’s supposed to usher you into a life of partnered stability, protection, and…

  • Observation

    There’s something about the way you observe people, you notice the little things; it intrigues me.   Pic taken by me, Prospect Park  

  • Foggy Mind

    I got lost in the dense, opaqueness All the thoughts in my mind, obfuscated.

  • More Than a Feeling

    More Than a Feeling

    Feeling lost.Seems to be more than just a feeling.  A lifestyle. Pic taken by me on Fulton Street by South Street Seaport, NYC.

  • Warning

    Beware of unspoken expectations. Pic shot by me in Financial District, NYC.

  • Selfish Love

    Selfish Love

    A relationship extended beyond its expiration date; each lacked the courage to leave, to walk away from that which was unfulfilling. Compromising satisfaction for familiarity, because of time invested. Never mind the instability, the pain inflicted upon one another. What was thought to be “love,” was only selfishness. Then you ask yourself, did you live…

  • NYC Summer

    Inescapable heat intensified by concrete and steel. Throngs of people crowd the streets, dirt envelops all surfaces, the scent of rancid garbage permeates the air. Despite it all, rain is beautiful on a steamy day; the petrichor feeds my soul, relief has washed over my body.  Shot by me at The Brooklyn Barge, Brooklyn NY

  • In the Present

    Slaves to time,a concept thatquietly dictates our lives.Getting things done, while waiting for it to pass,so we can overcome feelings of malaise, and look forward to pleasantries. We anticipate events and outcomes;self-induced anxiety.We live as if time really is a linear conceptBut what is time really?How do you define it? It’s overwhelming,an omnipresent shadow.If there’s…

  • The Conditions Weren’t Right

    The Conditions Weren’t Right

    I watched it die Once a big bountiful plant, it soon shrank in size Flowers ceased to blossom from its petals I couldn’t cultivate new ones I tried my hardest – I watered it when dry, yet not enough light I placed it in the sun With light too direct, the leaves burned Given the…

  • Torment

    When was there a time that we spent together, where we weren’t being tormented by our demons.   Shot by me in the Vatican Museum, Rome, Italy (Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden)

  • Path of Least Resistance

    Nature, the world’s organic symphony Take some time to listen – Hear the trees sway, sometimes they whisper in a light breeze or howl like the lone wolf on a windy night. Birds remind us that wildlife lives among us, chirping, calling out to one another in a foreign language A background soundtrack to your…

  • Soul Cry

    Soul Cry

    And so they fall faintly,the tears from your weeping soul. Pic taken by me at the Whitney Museum, NYC