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  • Torment

    When was there a time that we spent together, where we weren’t being tormented by our demons.   Shot by me in the Vatican Museum, Rome, Italy (Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden)

  • Path of Least Resistance

    Nature, the world’s organic symphony Take some time to listen – Hear the trees sway, sometimes they whisper in a light breeze or howl like the lone wolf on a windy night. Birds remind us that wildlife lives among us, chirping, calling out to one another in a foreign language A background soundtrack to your…

  • Wordless Wednesday

    Wordless Wednesday

    Pic Taken by me in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn

  • Wordless Wednesday

    Wordless Wednesday

    Pic taken by me at Whitney Museum, NYC

  • Soul Cry

    Soul Cry

    And so they fall faintly,the tears from your weeping soul. Pic taken by me at the Whitney Museum, NYC

  • Happiness


    A wise man once told me, you have to make time to do the things that make you happy. It almost seemed too easy – and so it was. I made the time.   Pic taken by me, Coronado Island, San Diego.

  • Wordless Wednesday

    Wordless Wednesday

    Pic taken by me at the Roman Colosseum in Rome, Italy (il Colosseo).

  • Longing


    Our hearts beat for one anotherwhile simultaneously being torn apart.

  • Revitalize


    Sun rising, sun’s blessing.Golden rays bathe my face.The possibilities of a new day,an awakening. A peaceful calm only nature can offer,Oh, the soothing sounds of wavesrolling onto shore. A new liberation floods the landsas the sun warms all in its wake.Arousing a joy so pure, so stimulating,one that comes from within.

  • Wordless Wednesday

    Wordless Wednesday

    Pic taken by me at Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY.

  • Relocate


    A new neighborhood where my new home is where I live my new life with my old brain that stores memories of a life that can’t be escaped Evershifting, which version of myself will I be today? pulling on pieces, arranging them to fit the narrative I wish to create for myself Relocate, keeping yourself…

  • Phenomenal Beauty

    Phenomenal Beauty

    A rainbow, so seemingly simple, yet complex A beautiful display of science above us, a natural work of art. Sun rays, water droplets, light refraction, reflection. Standing proudly, stretching yonder for all to see Radiant, amazing in its own right. In ideal conditions, a double rainbow is visible. A spectacular sight becomes magnified; The rainbows…

  • Nostalgia


    Summer reminds me of my youth; chasing fireflies, being fearless, picking up insects, turning over rocks, playing in the dirt Blissfully ignorant. Ocean water dances on my body, heat radiates off the concrete,spending all day between jungle gyms and sprinklers. Time flies and I’m awash with nostalgia. I’ve lived a life already, childhood seems so…

  • Transition


    It’s November and slightly warm.But there’s a gentle breeze;the scent of fall dances into my nostrils. A feeling of renewal,a peaceful transition.Death. But so tranquil and pleasant.

  • Ignorance


    we were broken before we even know what it meant. Pic taken by me at Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY

  • What Happened?

    What Happened?

    Now all you have is the silence The unspoken words float through the air, a suffocating thickness We disregard each other as if we weren’t just completely intertwined under the moonlit stars As if we didn’t just lay our souls bare for each other to witness As if we didn’t lay our chests on one…

  • Acquiesce


    Swimming in the depths of emotions,contemplating your thoughts.Tirelessly gliding your body through the waters. You speak to the sea.Mute the distractions,let the unknown consume you. Only an unstoppable force such as watercan quell the fiery mind. Image taken by me: Route 25 R in San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Always There

    Always There

    She received them when she graduated,a celebration.The Valentine’s days of the past;sometimes, “just because.” Placed on her bedside when she was born,the celebration of life.Natural, sweet perfume permeated the sterile, unwelcoming feeling of the hospital. Roses were always beautiful,even when they were dried and hung upside down. They were placed on the wreathto celebrate her…

  • Wholeness


    Embrace the dark with the light,the yin and yang, the language of the universe. Ever connected,masculine and feminine.These two forces will always be one. To appreciate the good in life,we must address the shadows.The undercurrents of our souls that don’t always look so pretty. Accept that the undesirable always lurks beneath the surface. As above…

  • Slow Down, It’s Snowing…

    Slow Down, It’s Snowing…

    The photos in this post are not taken from today, but I’m reminded of this moment in time due to today’s first snow shower in Brooklyn. It’s been quite warm as of late, and aside from our blast of cool air this weekend – tomorrow will be a high of 54 and rainy; I’m not looking…

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